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At Thomson Reuters we are continually seeking to improve the quality of our content and service to our customers.

Recently we identified an opportunity to improve the quality of our hedge fund content by moving the collection and maintenance of this data to our strategic fund content management system. This will allow our hedge fund content to benefit from the automated suite of data validations and quality checks we have developed, and from the improved processing power that supports this system.

Critically, customers of our hedge fund data will receive more timely better quality content that is better connected to the full breadth of Thomson Reuters’ content.

As part of this change we plan to retire the online contribution tool for hedge fund data ( and align data submission with our other fund content sets.

Effective 31/01/2016 we request that you submit your hedge fund updates to

Provided data

Email or FTP

Price and Performance Content

Profile Content

Please note that we have a robust point of entry system that will handle most file formats, however we would prefer the content to be supplied in txt, excel format or csv. If you prefer FTP contribution method please send an email to and we can set up your credentials directly.

We will follow up with you by 30/11/2015 and answer any questions you may have to ensure receipt of your fund content. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at and at any time.

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