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The Lipper Hedge Fund Web Tool is designed to offer managers of Hedge Funds and CTA products a quick and easy way to see their product details. Logins are only provided to managers who contribute their fund with Lipper Hedge Fund database. Details of other products are not available.

Performance data as well as static fund information can be viewed via the 'Lipper Hedge Fund Web Tool'. In addition, managers can analyze their product(s) against peers and benchmarks at no cost.

If you do not yet have a username and password, you may request your login at

The TASS® Research Database was established in the early 1990's and is recognized as the industry's most accurate and comprehensive source of hedge fund intelligence. Lipper, a wholly owned subsidiary of the global information company Thomson Reuters, acquired the commercial TASSĀ® Research Database business (subject to certain rights in the database retained by Tremont Capital Management, Inc.). Since July 2007, Lipper has been responsible for the maintenance of the hedge funds data and continues to market its content as the Lipper Hedge Fund Database.

We are constantly seeking to expand the coverage of the database and improve the efficiency with which it is updated.

The benefits to listing a hedge fund are global coverage on the respected database as well as Lipper HedgeWorld ( Only those members registering as accredited investors or advisers can access the database.

How to list your Hedge Fund / CTA product with Lipper TASS

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